Ognisty Ptak #
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Our hotel

Hotel OGNISTY PTAK*** laid on Mazurians in the town Ogonki, distant 6 km from Węgorzewa, directly on the lake Święcajty belonging to the Trail of Mazurian Great Lakes.

The convenient location, fine surrounding lakes and forests of the Mazurian Lake District outstanding conditions for family rest are creating with children, as well as for the organization of stays of conference-integration and other business meetings.


Ognisty Ptak*** is included in a year-long hotel complex: hotel Restaurant with the view on the lake, charming Karaka tavern with the sailing decor and the tower with a view, spacious meeting halls, the Wellness Institute & Spa, hidden swimming pool complex, as well as the Port and the beach with attractions.

The hotel has rooms and luxury apartments and bungalow about the high standard, perfect for family rest.